Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Perfect Score For All!!!

All students of BSBA 1-1MA from the International Discipline Institute of teaching (IDIOT) is now under investigation for getting perfect scores in the math examinations.
Interviews by The Morning Bolero showed that everyone is ecstatic about their exam scores. "Hello? There was no cheating or any kindf anomaly involved in the test." When ask if there was any truth in the rumor about a brain stimulator-memory enhancer taken before the exam, a student replied," I think the 10 bonus questions, worth 10 points each, on sports and music, helped us achieve the perfect score."
The exam was taken under the supervision of professor Al Mosbald. As of writing, in the test is still under classroom arress until preliminary investigation reports are completed. This includes the professor and 53 students. It is reported that the professor has taken this seclusion to conduct advanced classes for the students.
As of press time, the IDIOT's administration was still not inclined to comment on the situation.